4 Mouth-Watering Low-Fat Dessert Options That Will Not Make You Feel Like You are Cheating on Your Diet

Eating healthy or going on a diet to lose a few pounds always starts with cutting the dessert. This is so sad and we decided to give you some healthy alternatives so you can still have that sweet something after your meal. You will love these desserts because they taste good. You will love them even more because they won’t let you gain 10 pounds just by looking at it.

Fruit sorbets. One of the best healthy option desserts is homemade sorbet. You get to choose which fruits you want to use as well as how much sugar you add. It comes out delicious every time and it is much healthier than ice cream.

Almond-stuffed peaches. We love peaches and we love almonds. This dessert brings the two together for a mouth-watering low-calorie dessert. Stuff your peach halves with dried apricots and almonds and bake them in the oven. Add a scoop of homemade fat-free sorbet and you have the perfect dessert.

Lemon mousse with strawberries. Replace the eggs and cream in the mousse with gelatine and fat-free yogurt and you’re good to go. Fresh strawberries are always delicious and healthy.

Toasted almond meringue cloud. These yummy cloud-like desserts are much healthier than they look. They contain sugar, but you can have some without feeling you have to fast tomorrow. Almonds are very good for you and have a lot of health benefits.

With these healthy dessert options, you never have to feel like you are cheating. They are delicious and will keep you on track with your diet.