A Few Main Factors That Cause People to Gain Weight and Struggle to Lose It Again

Weight gain is a complex topic. Yes, we need to watch what we eat and do exercise regularly, but for some, that does not seem to be enough. There are several factors that influence our bodies and eating habits that can lead to weight gain. Today, we look at these factors that we believe are the main reasons why people gain weight. It could be one or a combination of these factors that are causing a person’s weight problems.

1. Genetics – Genetics cannot be blamed as the sole factor for weight gain. It definitely plays a role in predisposition and the make-up of the genes, but it is not the only culprit.

2. Marketing – Marketers of junk food have become increasingly aggressive and clever. They use any and all tactics to sell their products. The target market is often children. They market their unhealthy foods to children who whine until they get it and end up being obese and very unhealthy.

3. Junk food – Junk foods are made to be ‘hyperpalatable’. This means that these foods are cheap, they last long, and they have ingredients that make us addicted. This is true. Many junk food manufacturers add ingredients to their products that make us go back to buy it again and again like an addiction.

4. Insulin – Diabetes and insulin resistance has become a real and present problem. Insulin is in charge of telling your body when to store fat and when to use it. In insulin resistant people, these signals get crossed and the body stores fat instead of making it available for use. Carbohydrates are especially dangerous to people with diabetes and insulin resistance.

5. Food availability – You can find food everywhere nowadays. There are malls, restaurants, and garages around every corner and down every road. It is no longer needed to cook at home if you want to eat. Combined with this, is the fact that most junk foods tend to be cheaper that real food. This makes it a better financial option for people who are struggling.

Two more main factors are the large amount of sugar our diets contain and the misinformation that we are given. Advertisements often tell half-truths or straight out lie about their food products and people believe it. Be careful when you buy foods. Make sure you have all the right information.


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